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by Alio Die


The Lil Dicky Mild Appreciation Association The Lil Dicky Mild Appreciation Association
Spent practically all weekend watching Albion 4 and it was mad fun. I considered going, but thought it was a bit too much money just to get knocked out in pools and spend the entire weekend spectating, which I can do at home. But to see England host such a massive Smash tournament at one of the most iconic football stadiums in the country was awesome, especially when the guy who organised it all is someone I play every week at my local lol. It’s really lit a fire under me to get good enough to attend next year. It was also great to have a European player win, especially since it preserves his untouched record at European tournaments and he had to beat someone he’s always lost to in the past in grand finals. And holy shit, a goddamn Bowser Jr. solo main made it to top eight, which is mental. My favourite SSBU tournament so far and it’s made me appreciate this game and its community so much more.

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