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A.D.D. (American Dream Denial)

by System Of A Down

5 months ago by Aidan Sibley.


Aidan Sibley Aidan Sibley
DISCOGRAPHY RANKING - SYSTEM OF A DOWN: 4. STEAL THIS ALBUM! This is so often the lowest ranked album from the band and I understand why but at the same time feel a little baffled. On the one hand, the band feels like they're going through a bit of an awkward transition piecing together elements of the previous albums with ones that would appear on their later ones. It melds into a few songs that seem strangely out of their soundbox. However, I find that they perfect a lot of truly great tracks on here and contain some of my favourite songs on here including A.D.D, Fuck the System, and Mr. Jack. A lot of songs have huge emotional power, while others whimper in translucency, and some are just outright confusing (Chic 'N' Stu anybody?) but it is an ultimately well put together project that I enjoy a lot. None of my least favourite songs are on here which I find a lot of people take issue with (my least fav would controversially be Lonely Day). And can we take a moment to admire how well this project flows together?

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