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Star Wolf - Super Smash Bros. Brawl

by Libertad

5 months ago by Gemuby.


Gemuby Gemuby
Haven't posed a Smash update on here in a while, but I hit what feels like a good milestone today, that being going 3-2 in bracket at the weekly in Cambridge. All the friends that I practise with from that weekly can never seem to get past 2-2 and we've considered beating that to be a big hurdle, given that after two wins, you're guaranteed to play some of the better players there. Today though, I beat the eighth seed in the tournament for my third win, which makes for my best run so far. Also went against the best Falco in the UK (and one of the best players in the UK full stop) for the first time today and got absolutely demolished lol, but that's to be expected. For the record, I still main Wolf, but I've picked up Bowser as a secondary. I've been playing Corrin and King Dedede a lot recently too and could maybe use them in bracket as a kind of Hail Mary pick, but probably not

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